VST Plugins: Find Some Interesting Plugin Recommendations

It’s Not Always The Gear – It’s The Ear!

While most of the stock VST plugins that come with a Digital Audi Workstation are doing a pretty good job, we as producers always come to the point where we would like to get inspired by new sounds or creative ways to mix them. In this section, I am giving you some useful recommendations for some great VSTs, both paid and free, to level up your virtual sound arsenal.

What To Expect?

The market for virtual instruments and effects is not only constantly evolving but also HUGE af! While plugins that are made by world-leading companies can be very expensive, a lot of free VST plugins do an awesome job as well and offer some great alternatives for beginners who are just starting out and the average bedroom producer who can’t always afford high priced products. In this section of my site, I am having a look at some inspiring software products that exist in the world of electronic music production.

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What’s The Best Free Reverb VST?

As I have already mentioned in my latest article “how reverb works” it is pretty clear, that there exist lots of great VSTs, both paid and free, which will help you to create some kind of depth within your productions and create a room for your sounds to exist in. Because the internet is flooded with lots of free reverb plugins, I decided to give you an overview over some very cool options, that are worth downloading and will definitely level up your virtual sound arsenal.

What’s The Best Free Piano VST?

Alicia Keys once said: “But when I first fell in love with the piano, I knew it was me. I was dying to play.” The sound of this lovely instrument is present in lots of popular productions and nearly everybody loves to use it. To create an outstanding track, it is essential to find some great sounds that will inspire you in your production process. In this article, I want to give you an overview of some free piano VSTs that are worth downloading and will inspire you with some smooth sounds. Because there are so many types of different pianos, I separated this topic into two categories: Electric & Acoustic Pianos.

Some Great, Free VST Plugins For Hip Hop Basslines

Whether you are producing New School Hip Hop with subby 808 Basslines, or some smooth LoFi beats with a smooth subbass. Low Frequencies play a huge role in any Hip Hop production. After making beats for several years and trying out lots of different plugins, I found 6 outstanding VST’s that I would recommend to any producer who is searching for some great bass sounds.

What Are VST Plugins?

The term “VST” stands for Virtual Studio Technology. It basically is a software interface for audio plugins, that is able to integrate software instruments and effects into any DAW (= Digital Audio Workstation) like FlStudio, Cubase, Logic, or Ableton Live. When the german company Steinberg (also known as the developers of Cubase) released this technology in 1996, this brought up a huge milestone in the world of modern music production. Because technology has evolved so much throughout the past years, you will find at least one VST that will satisfy you in any situation you could probably think of.

Where To Download Free VST Plugins?

There exist several sites, where you can download some virtual audio effects and instruments for free. Besides searching for some rare gold on regular platforms and some online-shops like pluginboutique, you can also have a look at some cool threads on forums or on reddit. These sites usually give you some high-quality recommendations based on someone elses experience. Besides, Here is a shortlist of the most common sites, you can trust and download your plugins from:

How To Install VST Plugins?

Different environment, different ways to install your VSTs. Depending on which operating system you have installed on your computer and the DAW you are using, the way of how you can install virtual instruments and effects is pretty different. Because writing down every step for every individual setup isn’t possible at all, I decided to include the individual guides of the software manufacturers in a list, so you can look it up for yourself. These guides will give you a detailed explanation of how you can install them into your digital production setup. So no matter if you want to install VST plugins for FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, Logic… You will get an individual guide for every industry-standard DAW on the market:

  1. Ableton Live
  2. Logic Pro
  3. FL Studio
  4. Cubase 
  5. Studio One
  6. Reason
  7. Sonar 
  8. Digital Performer

Short note: Pro Tools sadly doesn’t support any 3rd party Plugins that don’t take part in their market place, so you won’t find any guide for this topic. Bitwig doesn’t have a support side, so you will have to search for a helpful video on YouTube or search for an answer in the users manual. You can find it on their support site.


Whether you are just starting out with music production or are already a pro in your field, because the internet is flooded with tons of great free VSTs I am pretty sure that there is something useful out there for any level of experience. In this section of my website, I try to constantly publish articles that cover topics like “the best free VST synths for hiphop basslines” or “Some Great, Free Piano VSTs”. I hope that the content on this page will inspire you for your future productions! 

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