The Best Gospel Samples: My Top 10 Sources

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What To Expect?

Searching for some high-quality samples for producing hip-hop beats can be a very time-consuming process, right?

The thing is that if you know the right sources, it really isn’t that annoying anymore and you will have a lot of fun by finding those rare musical goldnuggets that will make your listeners love to listen to your beats.

After producing music for more than 6 years now, I have discovered some great places and techniques to dig through the mysterious depths of the internet and find some rare and beatiful gospel samples.

If you are in need of some cool gospel music to use for your future productions, this is your article to read! Hope that you will like it.

Table Of Contents

  1. Gospel Music In General
  2. Rap Songs With Gospel Samples
  3. Gospel Record Samples
  4. Sample Packs
  5. Inspirational Sources
  6. Conclusion

Gospel Music In General

Like in every post where I am presenting you some inspirational sampling-content, I want to take you on a quick journey on the history of the genre I am writing about.

If we want to know, what we have to look for when we are searching for some cool gospel samples, it is essential to have an eye on what this genre is all about.

When having a look at the Definition of Gospel on Wikipedia, we quickly find out that is a genre of Christian Music and is very often performed in religious contexts like worships.

It is known for songs, that include powerful vocals and Christian lyrics. From my personal experience, it is a very powerful genre for sampling!

Quick note: If you wanna jump my top 10 sources immediately, make sure to jump to the where to find gospel samples section in this article.

Rap Songs With Gospel Samples

To give you a taste of how amazing sampling gospel music for your hip hop beats can sound in general, I will have a quick look at some examples of popular producers who have used them in their productions.

Evidence The Red Carpet

Evidence – The Red Carpet (Track)

Congress Alley – God Save America (Sample)

The Red Carpet is probably one of the most known underground hip-hop tracks where some amazing gospel music has been sampled.

By looping and chopping the intro of Congress Alleys “God Save America”, he created an outstanding piece of art that is just a pleasure to listen to! Definitely one of those tracks you get some goosebumps from.

Kayne West – Follow God

Kayne West – Follow God (Track)

Whole Truth – Can You Lose By Following God (Sample)

Make a gospel track out of a gospel track – that’s the stuff legendary songs are made of!

The technique that lays behind the beat of Kayne Wests Follow God is simple: Just take a dope track and chop it up until it sounds awesome!

If this track doesn’t convince you that gospel samples are the ultimate source material for hip hop beats, then no other track will do it!

Little Brother Ft. Chaundon – We Got Now

Little Brother Ft. Chaundon – We Got Now (Track)

Arthur Verocai – Caboclo (Sample)

If you love gospel music, you love soul music and if you love sampled soul, you definitely love 9th Wonder who is the mastermind behind this fabulous track of Little Brother.

I simply LOVE the fact that he didn’t just take the beginning of the sample but listened through it and took an insanely hot out of the middle of Arthur Verocai’s Cabolo.

Combined with some hot chopping skills, you get a timeless track – priceless!

Record Samples: Hand-Picked Songs Served With Love

While you can learn a lot from having a look at what other producers have sampled in their tracks, we all come to the point where we want to stand out from each other and find some hot-stuff that nobody has ever used before us.

Would be pretty boring, if everyone would use the same songs, right?

If you wanna get a feel on what samples could have some high potential for using in your beats, here is a short collection of tracks, that I see some great potential in. If you wanna know, where to find some hot songs like these, you can skip immediately to the sources section of this post!

Quick tip: If you want to get even more useful tips on how to dig samples online, make sure to have a look at my e-digging guide as well!

I Belong To You

  • Artist: The Rance Allen Group
  • Label: Stax
  • Year: 1978

Source: Discogs

The Statue Of Liberty

  • Artist: The Statue of Liberty
  • Label: unknown
  • Year: unknown

Source: Vinyl Frontier

Heaven For Me

  • Artist: Heaven Bound
  • Label: unknown
  • Year: unknown

Source: Vinyl Frontier

Rescue Me

  • Artist: Tramaine Hawkins
  • Label: Light Records
  • Year: 1983

Source: Discogs

I Can Feel Him Moving

  • Artist: Esther Rolle
  • Label: Savoy Records
  • Year: 1975

Source: Discogs

Song To The Backslider

  • Artist: Beverly Glenn
  • Label: unknown
  • Year: 1976

Source: Gospel Nostalgia

Take Care Of Me

  • Artist: Tessie Hill
  • Label: Peacock Records
  • Year: 1978

Source: Discogs

On My Own But Not Alone

  • Artist: Dottie Jones
  • Label: Bellmark Records
  • Year: 1992

Source: Discogs

God Is So Good To Me

  • Artist: Gwen Carter
  • Label: TCS
  • Year: 1978

Source: Discogs

What’s Going On

  • Artist: Bobby Jones & New Life
  • Label: unknown
  • Year: 1985

Source: Gospel Nostalgia

Where To Find Gospel Samples

To sum it up: Gospel Samples are just amazing tools when it comes to producing some classic boom bap hip hop beats like Apollo Brown, Kayne West, 9th Wonder & many more.

To give you, even more, inspiration here is a collection f m top 10 sources, where you could probably find some hot samling material. Hop that you’ll like it!

  1. My favorite YouTube Channel when it comes to finding some hot gospel sampling material is Gospel Nostalgia. With more than 5.000 Uploads, you will have a lot of potential material to find some hot samples. The best part about it? These guys are still active and upload new videos regularly. Just check it out and thank me later!
  2. A pretty common technique to find some cool sampling material is to have look for some labels that have released music in the genre you are searching for. On Wikipedia are some cool lists, that will introduce you to some labels you have probably never heard about. Just search for them on Discogs and let the digging magic begin!
  3. While searching for some labels can be pretty time-consuming and frustrating, I think introducing you to some labels isn’t a bad idea to add to this list. Peacock Records is a funk and soul label that was founded in 1973 and has released records of great gospel artists like Tessie Hill, who has written music that is just perfect for sampling!
  4. Soul Persuasion is a simple Blogspot site, that focuses primarily on soul music. Because gospel music is very related to soul, I am pretty sure, that you will definitely find something interesting on there.
  5. The Staple Singers is a gospel group with an amazing discography. If the tracks that are listed on Discogs aren’t enough for you, you can also have a look at the labels that have released those records.
  6. In the previous section, I have also included a song by Tessie Hill. She is an amazing Funk Soul and Gospel singer from Georgia, that has a lot of super-dope tracks. If you are searching for some great gospel music to sample, you HAVE to check her out!
  7. Okay, pretty obvious but Vinyl Frontier has also some cool gospel playlists on their YouTube Channel, where you will definitely find some hot material! Because I have introduced you to this platform in some posts before, I don’t think I have to go much into detail about this channel.
  8. Mahalia Jackson was an American gospel singer from New Orleans. With her powerful and beautiful sounding voice, she has produced lots of great records and has worked with legends like Duke Ellington.
  9. If you wanna see what gospel samples other producers have used in their tracks, having a look at Who Sampled is always a great idea! They have also included a site that lists some hot gospel joints.
  10. My last recommendation that I want to introduce you to is another great label from America called Savoy Records. Because they have specialized in releasing Jazz, Gospel, and R&B records, you will also find some other cool joints besides the classic gospel music material.


Just too make it clear: the best gospel samples are the ones you dig for yourself. When it comes to finding great gospel songs that are worth sampling, your own personal taste of music plays a huge role.

In this article, I wanted to give you some inspirational hints on where you can potentially find some hot stuff.

More articles will be coming soon! Stay tuned…

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