4 Ways For Finding Some Interesting LoFi Hip Hop Chords

What to expect: When you want to create some smooth sounding LoFi Hip Hop Beats, you will definitely need to gain some knowledge about music theory and how to build a great musical fundament for your creations. Finding a smooth sounding chord progression can be a great starting point for any musicproduction. In this article„4 Ways For Finding Some Interesting LoFi Hip Hop Chords“ weiterlesen

The best VSTs for LoFi Hiphop Beats

What To Expect? The genre LoFi Hip Hop has become extremely popular. While Channels like Chilled Cow or Chill Hop have millions of streams on popular streaming-services like YouTube or Spotify, some producers already managed to get an income from their LoFi productions.  If you are a new, or even an advanced producer, that has„The best VSTs for LoFi Hiphop Beats“ weiterlesen

5 Tips for Digging Samples online

How To Dig Samples On YouTube E-Digging on YouTube is a very common method for a lot of beatmakers. The thing about YouTube is, that it works with an algorithm that is more likely to recommend you videos that have high engagement and a lot of views. For example: if you are searching for „jazz„5 Tips for Digging Samples online“ weiterlesen