4 Ways For Finding Some Interesting LoFi Hip Hop Chords

What to expect: When you want to create some smooth sounding LoFi Hip Hop Beats, you will definitely need to gain some knowledge about music theory and how to build a great musical fundament for your creations. Finding a smooth sounding chord progression can be a great starting point for any musicproduction. In this article„4 Ways For Finding Some Interesting LoFi Hip Hop Chords“ weiterlesen

5 Tips For Better LoFi Drums

What to expect: If you want to know how to make LoFi Drums, or if you want to improve your existing beat making skills, this is your article to read! I want to give you 5 tips for creating some groovy LoFi Hip Hop Drum Patterns.  Drums play a big role in the genre LoFi„5 Tips For Better LoFi Drums“ weiterlesen