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My series “samples of the week“, will inspire you with some weekly dope recommendations for hiphop samples. In this article I will give you a simple overview of the best soul samples to use for your hip hop beats.

If you do have some other recommendations, make sure to eave a comment below this article. Hope that you’ll like it! <3

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Soul Samples In Hip Hop

Sampling soul music is a very common technique for producing hip hop beats. Some popular producers like Apollo Brown or 9th Wonder have used them in many joints, that have been heard by millions of people all across the globe.

Before we get started with some smooth recommendations for some inspiring soul-samples, let’s have a quck look at the definition of soul music:

According to wikipedia, soul music is a very popular music genre that combines different elements of African-American gospel music, RnB and jazz.  A lot of songs are known for their catchy rhythms and extemporaneous body moves.

Funfact: The name of this fabulous musicgenre has been used by lots of musicians in the 1950s to highlight the feeling of being an African-American in the United States.

Some examples for popular labels, that have influenced this genre are Motown– , Atlantic– and Stax records (just to name a few.)

So after we dove a little bit into the history of soul samples in hip hop production, we can have a look at some interesting inspirations. Hope that you’ll like it!

Source: Wikipedia

Hip Hop Soul Sample Packs

When you don’t want to deal with copyright issues for your hip hop beats, using sample packs is a great way to expand your existing sound arsenal. Some popular sites like loopmasters*, primeloops* or the drum broker offer some cool-sounding sample packs that can help you to stay inspired with some fresh material.

Here is a short selection of some cool sample packs that are worth to keep an eye on:

Soulful Hip Hop

  • Label: Primeloops
  • Content: 37 Drum Loops, 44 Instrument Loops, 21 Bass Loops, 18 Percussion Loops, 153 Drum One Shots, 12 Atmospheres, 65 Melodic Stabs, 22 Bass Hits, 10 Sampler DrumKits For ESX24, Kontakt, Halion & NNXT
  • Price: $30.37

Soulful Urban Funk

  • Label: Apollo Sound
  • Content: Sampler patches: KONTAKT, EXS24, HALION, NN-XT21, Live Bass Loops (key & BPM labelled), 30 Synth Bass Loops (key & BPM labelled), 11 Vinyl Drum Fills (BPM labelled), 53 Full Drum Loops (BPM labelled), 57 Funky Guitar Loops (key & BPM labelled), 30 Keyboards Loops (key & BPM labelled), 8 Orchestra Loops (key & BPM labelled), 63 Scratch Loops (BPM labelled), 25 Synth Loops (key & BPM labelled), 100 Drum Hits : kicks, snares, claps, open hats, hihats, percs83 Musical Samples: guitars, saxes, trumpets, basses, synths, keys, crate chords (key labelled), 17 Vox Shouts18 Vox Adlibs (key labelled), 14 Massive Presets, 109 Soft Sampler Patches, 87 Midi Files
  • Price: $27.60

Crates N Breaks

  • Label: Primeloops
  • Content: 60 real Hip Hop Drum Breaks, 32 Hats & Percussion Loops, 21 Kicks, 37 Claps & Snares, 28 Hi Hats & Shakers, 7 Percussion & Toms, 14 Vinyl Crackles & Tape Sounds, 14 Misc FX & Instrument Stabs, 11 Melodic Loops, incl. Rhodes Licks, Horn Stabs, Live Basses & more
  • Price: $24.83

Dreamy Soul 2

  • Label: Pelham & Junior
  • Content: 6 Drum Loops, 25 Drum Hits, 12 Melodic Kits (72 Loops), 23 Bass Hits, 38 Piano Hits, 32 Rhodes Hits, 29 Synth Hits, 3 Vox Hits
  • Price: $41.44

Soulful Breaks

  • Label: Loopmasters
  • Content: 62 Full Mixes, 62 No Perc Loops, 62 Heavy Kick Loops, 62 Heavy Snare Loops, 62 Conga Loops, 62 Cowbell Loops, 62 Just Kit Loops, 62 Percussion Loops, 62 Shaker Loops, 62 Tambourine Loops, 67 One Shot Drum Samples, 14 Soft Sampler Patches.
  • Price: $41.44

Soul Brothers

  • Label: Rawcutz
  • Content: 10 Hip Hop Breaks,289 Raw Sounds, 27 Kick Drums, 15 Snare Drums, 6 Hi-Hat  Samples, 10 Rex Loops
  • Price: $13.77

Vinylistic Soul 2

  • Label: Prime Loops
  • Content: 13 Bass Loops, 13 Chord Loops, 28 Drum Loops, 33 Melodic Loops, 17 Percussion Loops, 164 One Shots
  • Price: $24.83

Durty Wins

  • Label: Rawcutz
  • Content: 10 Raw Breaks, 92 Raw Kicks, 22 Snare Samples, 11 Hi-Hats, 10 Rex2 Files
  • Price: $13.77

Crate Digger

  • Label: Rawcutz
  • Content: 10 Hip Hop Breaks, 148 Raw Sounds, 26 Kick Drums, 14 Snare Drums, 18 Hi-Hat and Percussion Samples, 10 Rex Loops
  • Price: $13.77


  • Label: Rawcutz
  • Content: 254 Samples, 9 Hip Hop Breaks, 188 Raw Sounds, 20 Kick Drums, 10 Snare Drums, 17 Hi-Hat and Percussion Samples, 9 Rex Loops
  • Price: $13.77


Soul Samples For Hip Hop

Däng! These smooth Sample-Packs were hot, right? The thing is: If you prefer to sample classic soul pieces, premade packages of other producers maybe aren’t even that interesting to you.

In my experience, you really cannot reproduce the sound of a freshly chopped record-sample with sample packs. Sampling from old tracks gives your beats a special character that really can blow ones mind.

I think a combination of these two elements is super-dope to boost your creativity and create complex patterns that will amaze your listeners.

For that reason, I also wanted to include some cool tracks from soul-records that you could use for your future beats.

Quick tip: If you want to get some hot tips for digging samples online, make sure to check my e-digging guide.

I Need You More Than Ever Now

  • Artist: Lenny Welch
  • Label: Mainstream Records
  • Year: 1974

Source: Discogs

Let’s Make Sweet Harmony

  • Artist: 9th Street Exit
  • Label: Solid Foundation
  • Year: 1973

Source: Discogs

Blues Get Off My Shoulder

  • Artist: The Chambers Brothers
  • Label: Vault
  • Year: Unknown

Source: Discogs

The Whispers – It Sure Ain’t Pretty

  • Artist: The Whispers
  • Label: Janus Records
  • Year: Unknown

Source: Discogs

Timothy Wilson – My Queen Of Hearts 

  • Artist: Timothy Wilson
  • Label: Buddha Records
  • Year: 1968

Source: Discogs

Eddie Holloway – I’m Standing By

  • Artist: Eddie Holloway
  • Label: Tropical Record Co.
  • Year: Unknown

Source: Discogs

That’s just a small selection of some hand-picked soulful record-samples I can recommend to you. But to give you even more material to boost your creativity, here is a small selection of great channels, sites, and other places to check out!

Channels 2 Check

  1. Soulhawk is a cool YouTube-Channel with over 90.000 Subscribers that will blow your mind! A lot of cool joints to check on there.
  2. Funk my Soul is a great site that took the mission to archive old funk and soul records in the internet. You could really spend hours on digging in this amazing archive.
  3. The Funk and Soul Section on Discogs is also a great place to visit when searching for some dope Soul Samples. Because Discogs is probably one of the largest music-databases in the world, you will get the most recommendations on here.


There are lots of great places on the internet to choose some dope soul samples from. In this article, I gave you a small selection of dope sample-packs record samples and places to dig very smooth joints. If you would like to get some updates about my latest projects, make sure to follow me on social media. =)

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