LoFi Hip Hop Samples I Find Interesting Sample-Packs

If you are in need of some dope, Hip Hop sample packs for your productions, this is your place to be. – Have fun!

Own Samples

This is just a short collection of a few sample-packs that I have created on my own. Everything in this section of my site is available for free. If you want to download one of the packs shown below, make sure to visit this site with your PC – Downloads will only work on your computer.

1st collection of free hip hop drum samples that I have made by myself using my SP404SX.

Hip Hop Samples Inspiration

If you are searching for some interesting hip-hop samples, this is your place 2 be! After around 6 years, where I have trained my musical knowledge by digging samples online. I have already learned a lot and gained some deep knowledge in advanced music production topics.

Here, I am giving you some recommendations for some fresh and inspiring hip-hop samples to level up your future productions. Whether you are searching for drum- or LoFi hip hop samples, you will definitely find some cool stuff – have fun!

Quick note: If you want to get recommendations for some outstanding vst plugins, make sure to check out the vst plugins section on my blog as well!

Like what you got?

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