Hip Hop Jazz Samples I Samples Of The Week Pt. 2

Sampling jazz is a common technique for producing some smooth sounding hip hop beats. Popular producers like Flo Filz, Damu the Fudgemunk and many others have used jazz samples to create some outstanding tracks that have been heard by many people all across the globe.

In this article of my “samples of the week” series, I want to give you an overview of some great sample packs, record samples, and websites you can use to produce jazz-hip-hop. Hope that you will find something interesting here!

Table Of Contents

  1. Hip Hop & Jazz – A Short Overview
  2. Sample Packs
  3. Record-Samples
  4. Places 2 Visit

Jazz Samples In Hip Hop

Like mentioned before, sampling jazz is a very common technique that has been used for decades by many popular hip-hop producers.

To be honest: Jazz is probably one of my favorite genres to sample from. Because of the smooth sound it produces, it is great for producing a relaxing laid-back sound that creates pure joy, at least in my opinion.

According to Wikipedia, jazz rap first came up during the 1980s with the aim to fuse classic old Afro-American music with a more modern sound. What began as an experiment quickly became a very popular genre that is still heard by millions of people all across the world.

To give you an idea of how great jazzy hip hop beats can sound, here is a short playlist of some smooth tracks that have used this technique:

Sounds great, right? The best part about it: If you do have the right sound-arsenal to choose your samples from it is actually pretty simple to produce. To give you some inspiration, I have listed some cool resources, that will help you to recreate this smooth flavor below.

Let’s have a look at some cool jazzy sample packs you could use for your future productions:

Jazzy Hip Hop Sample Packs

Sample Packs are great for getting inspired for producing hip-hop beats. Websites like Loopmasters, Primeloops, or the DrumBroker offer a great inventory of different packs that include some cool sounds.

Because digging through these sites in order to find something right, I have included some sample packs in this part of the article, hope that you will like them! =)

Jazz Underground

  • Label: Production Master
  • Content: 9 Atmosphere Loops, 17 Bass Loops, 40 Drum & Percussion Loops, 10 Full Drum Loops, 10 Kick Loops, 10 Snare Loops, 10 Top Loops, 66 Drum & Percussion One Shots, 9 Cymbals, 11 Hi-Hats, 10 Jazz Rolls, 10 Kicks, 10 Percussions, 6 Rides, 10 Snares, 22 FX, 14 Reverse FX, 8 Vinyl Crackle, 20 Live Guitar Loops, 80 Melodic Loops, 22 Melodic One Shots
  • Price: $30.45

Lofi & Chill

  • Label: Producer Loops
  • Content: Dry & Wet Loops for your Productions, 5 Construction Kits, ACIDized WAV Files, Apple Loops/AIFF Files, Loops sync to BPM
  • Price: $41.54

Lo-Fi Lab

  • Label: Black Octopus
  • Content: 9 Ambience Samples, 20 Bass Loops, 20 Bass One Shots, 26 Chord Loops, 56 Drum Loops, 22 Drum Grooves, 14 Percussion Loops, 20 Top Loops, 135 Drum One Shots, 12 Claps, 9 Cymbals, 27 Foley One Shots, 21 Hats, 17 Kicks, 13 Percussion One Shots, 26 Snares, 10 Whips, 7 Flute Loops, 13 FX, 22 Guitar Loops, 10 Guitar One Shots, 9 Melody Loops, 7 String Loops, 7 Synth Loops, 10 Ukulele One Shots, 7 Vibraphone Loops, 8 Vocal Loops
  • Price: $33.22

Jazz Hop Classics

  • Label: Loopmasters feat. Freddie Joachim
  • Content: 40 Keys & Synth Loops, 22 Programmed Drum Loops, 21 Percussion Loops, 18 Electric Bass Loops, 16 Hat Loops, 15 Live Drum Loops, 12 Synth Bass Loops, 8 Guitar Loops, 6 String & Pad Loops, 4 Flute Loops, 1 Sax Loop, 136 Drum Hits, 30 Instrument Hits, 25 Bass Hits, 6 Fx, 202 Rex2 Files, 73 Soft Sampler Patches, 8 Kong, 31 Midi files
  • Price: $48.49

Soulful MOOds

  • Label: Dropgun feat. Moo Latte
  • Content: 447 Total Audio Files, 5 Construction Kits
  • Price: $34.61

Cozy Chill-Fi Beats

  • Label: Apollo Sound
  • Content: 12 Compositions, 12 Song Starters (Kits), 151 Wav Loops, 100 Drum Hits, 23 Midi Files
  • Price: $29.06

Record Samples

Nothing beats the pleasing sound of a sampled record, right? Fact is: Sample Packs are great, but they barely can replace a good old-fashioned record-sample chopped with a classic drum sampler.

From my personal experience, mixing those two elements in a creative way will always give you the best results and is super dope when it comes to producing some inspiring beats.

For that reason, I have also included some smooth record samples, that are worth chopping.

Quick tip: If you want to get some cool ideas for digging samples online for yourself, I have already written an article, where I have written down some best practices to find some rare gold in the mysterious depths of the internet.

Angel Eyes

  • Artist: Tommy Flannagan
  • Label: Verve Records
  • Year: 1994

Source: Discogs

My Foolish Heart

  • Artist: Bill Evans Trio
  • Label: Verve Records
  • Year: 1966

Source: Discogs

The Piano Lesson

  • Artist: The Hellers
  • Label: ABC Command
  • Year: 1968

Source: Discogs


  • Artist: The Hellers
  • Label: Rifi
  • Year: 1978

Source: Discogs

I’m Your Mechanical Man

  • Artist: Jerry Butler
  • Label: Mercury
  • Year: 1974

Source: Discogs

For Someone I Love

  • Artist: Milt Jackson
  • Label: Verve Records
  • Year: 1965

Source: Discogs

Places 2 Visit

This is just a small collection of some dope samples, you could use for creating some dope jazzy beats. To keep your music interesting, digging for some new stuff isn’t always a bad idea.

Here is a shortlist of some dope places to find jazz samples:

  1. The YouTube-Channel of Ricardo MaraΓ±a is a great source for finding some cool jazz samples for your beats. It is basically a great collection of so-called library music that is basically instrumental stuff that has been written for movies. Dope stuff to discover!
  2. When you have discovered an artist that has produced a sound you instantly fell in love with, chances are pretty good that the label he has released his music with has produced some other hot stuff too. A great example is Verve Records that is known for working together with famous artists like Bill Evans or Milt Jackson.
  3. When you want to get some hot samples directly from Spotify, the Cafe Music BGM-Channel is definitely a place where you will get lots of smooth-sounding inspirations. I already explained how to sample from Spotify in my e-digging guide.
  4. Another YouTube Channel to keep an eye on is “Adventures In Sound“. Like with the one I have mentioned before, it basically specializes in uploading library music, which can sound very jazzy.
  5. If you want to discover new artists that have some cool sampling-potential, a great way would be to have a look at different lists on Wikipedia. You can search for terms like “List of jazz pianists” or “List of jazz trumpeters” to get a huge library of different artists that you can search for on YouTube or Spotify. The potential here is endless!


Sampling jazz in hiphop produces a very smooth sound. In this article, I gave you some cool recaommendations for jazzy sample packs, record samples and resources to find you jazz samples from.

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