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What To Expect?

If you are searching for some great funk samples to use in your future hip hop productions, this is your article to read!

In the following sections, I will give you an overview of some cool record samples, sample packs, and sources to get inspired. Hope that you’ll like it – Have fun!

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  1. Hip Hop & Funk
  2. Funky Record Samples
  3. Hip Hop Funk Sample Packs
  4. Resources
  5. Conclusion

Hip Hop & Funk

Soul, Jazz & Funk are probably the most sampled genres in hip hop production.

Before I will give you some cool sample recommendations for your hip hop beats, we should have a quick look at the history of sampling funk music and what role it played for hip hop producers until now.

According to Wikipedia, funk music is a genre that has been developed by several African American communities. The first tracks were realeased in the mid 1960s.

The sound of funk is basically a mixture of soul, jazz, and R&B that focuses on strong rhythmic patterns that are emphasized by groovey melodies and chord progressions.

From my personal experience, I can tell that funk samples are a great resource for finding some heavy drum breaks, that give your beats a special old-school kinda vibe, but if you are lucky you can also get some dope melody chops that sound just amazing when you use them for your productions.

If you dig long enough through this amazing genre, you will quickly recognize, that funk is great for finding samples that contain these instruments:

  • Drums
  • Guitars
  • Brass Instruments (e.g. trumpets)
  • Piano Loops & Chord Progressions
  • Vocals

To give you a feeling for what you can do with sampling funk samples, let’s have a look at some tracks where great producers have used this genre to create hip hop beats:

Jay-Z The Originators

Jay-Z – The Originators (Track)

James Brown – Funky Drummer (Sample)

The Originators by Jay-Z is a great example of a well-used funky drum break. He used the track funky drummer by James Brown to create a classic piece of rare hip hop gold! If you want to know more about this track and where the sample appears, you can have a look at Whosampled to find out more.

2PAC – Soulja’s Story

2PAC – Soulja’s Story (Track)

Isaac Hayes – No Name Bar (Sample)

If you love hip hop, you know 2Pac. The track Soulja’s Story is also a great example of a well-used funk sample to create a pleasing vibe to the ear of the listeners. If you wanna know more about how the producer used this sample in the beat, feel free to check out the documentation on Whosampled.

Redman – “On Fire”

Redman – “On Fire” (Track)

Al Green – Love And Happiness (Sample)

I simply love beats that are me out of vocal sample chops and the track On Fire by Redman is definitely one of them. The producer used a small part of Al Green’s Love and Happiness to create an atmospheric, laid-back beat that’s just pleasing to listen to. As with the tracks I have introduced to you before, you can get some more detailed information about the usage on Whosampled.

Hip Hop Funk Record Samples

Sampling funk sounds great, right? Now, after we have had a look at some best practices on how funk samples can be used in hip hop, I want to give you an overview of some cool funk samples, that have some outstanding potential.

Like I have said before, I am a huge fan of sampling funky drum breaks because they give your beats a very raw and authentic character. In the following section, I will give you an overview of some outstanding tracks that include insanely dope funk samples for your hip-hop beats.

Because soul and funk are very similar genres, you will surely find some tracks here that sound very soulful. But that shouldn’t stop you from finding some cool tracks. 😉 Hope that you’ll like them!

Quick tip: If you wanna get some useful tips on how to dig samples online, make sure to check out my e-digging guide as well!

Who Is She

  • Artist: Gladys Knight
  • Label: Fabulous Records
  • Year: 2000

Source: Discogs

Impeach The President

  • Artist: The Honeydrippers
  • Label: Funky Delicacies
  • Year: 1994

Source: Discogs

Knocking ‘Round The Zoo

  • Artist: James Taylor
  • Label: Jubilee
  • Year: 1969

Source: Discogs

Give the People What They Want

  • Artist: The O’Jays
  • Label: Philadelphia International Records
  • Year: 1975

Source: Discogs

Get Out Of My Life

  • Artist: The Mad Lads
  • Label: Atlantic
  • Year: 1966

Source: Discogs

The Sorcerer Of Isis

  • Artist: Power Of Zeus
  • Label: Rare Earth
  • Year: 1970

Source: Discogs

Don’t Change Your Love

  • Artist: The Five Stairsteps
  • Label: Buddah Records
  • Year: 1968

Source: Discogs

Get Out Of My Life, Woman

  • Artist: Allen Toussaint
  • Label: Bell Records
  • Year: 1968

Source: Discogs

Ain’t No Sunshine

  • Artist: Jackson 5
  • Label: Soul Source
  • Year: 2003

Source: Discogs

It’s A New Day

  • Artist: Skull Snaps
  • Label: 1973
  • Year: GSF Records

Source: Discogs

Hip Hop Funk Sample Packs

If you are not the kind of person who likes to dig through some records for hours and hours, buying some sample packs can be a very time-saving alternative. In the following section, I want to give you some cool recommendations for some hot funky hip hop sample packs, that are worth buying – Have fun!

70s Movie Funk

  • Label: Black Octopus
  • Content: 19 Bass Guitar Loops, 37 Brass Loops,39 Drum & Percussion Loops, 20 Funk Guitar Loops, 76 Keys Loops,11 Muted Trumpet One Shots, 30 Sax Riffs, 13 Sax One Shots, 21 Clav Shots and Licks, 14 Drum One Shots, 4 Fx, 10 Kontakt Patches
  • Price: 30$

Soulful Breaks

  • Label: Loopmasters
  • Content: 62 Full Mixes, 62 No Perc Loops, 62 Heavy Kick Loops, 62 Heavy Snare Loops, 62 Conga Loops, 62 Cowbell Loops, 62 Just Kit Loops, 62 Percussion Loops, 62 Shaker Loops, 62 Tambourine Loops, 67 One Shot Drum Samples, 14 Soft Sampler Patches
  • Price: $41.57

Space Funk

  • Label: Primeloops
  • Content: 29 Melodic Loops, 18 Synth & Key Loops, 9 Talk Box Loops, 11 Guitar Licks & Chops, 10 Bass Loops, 41 Drum & Percussion Loops, 87 Drum One Shots
  • Price: $22.14

Undercover Funk Vol 2

  • Label: Monster Sounds
  • Content: 126 Bass Loops, 174 Drum Loops, 84 Guitar Loops (both close mic and room mic versions ), 86 Sax Loops, 77 Trumpet Loops, 59 Key Loops
  • Price: $55.44

Real Hip-Hop

  • Label: Apollo Sound
  • Content: Sampler patches: KONTAKT, EXS24, HALION, NN-XT 32, Live Bass Loops (key & BPM labelled), 81 Synth Bass Loops (key & BPM labelled), 64 Full Drum Loops (BPM labelled), 16 Vinyl Drum Fills (BPM labelled), 87 Guitar Loops (key & BPM labelled), 51 Keyboards Loops (key & BPM labelled), 36 Orchestra Loops (key & BPM labelled), 29 Scratch Loops (BPM labelled), 26 Synth Loops (key & BPM labelled), 51 Drum Hits: kicks, snares, claps, open hats, hihats, percs, 101 Musical Samples: guitars, saxes, basses, synths, keys, hits, crate chords (key labelled), 18 Fx Samples, 14 Vinyl Scratch Samples, 35 Vox Shouts & Phrases, 10 Multi Sample Instruments (basses & keys), 12 Massive Presets, 1 Talkbox Massive Preset, 103 Soft Sampler Patches, 192 Midi Files
  • Price: $30.46

Magic Flute

  • Label: Rawcutz
  • Content: 230 Samples, 10 Hip Hop Breaks, 158 Raw Sounds, 27 Kick Drums, 16 Snare Drums, 9 Hi Hat and Percussion Samples, 10 Rex Loops
  • Price: $13.81


The last section of this article is all about some cool resources you can dig through in order to find some rare sample-gold. If you do know some other resources, that I should add to this article, feel free to leave a comment below. Would love to hear your recommendations!

  1. Funk my soul is probably one of the biggest collections of soul and funk samples around the web. If you dig through the immense library of this awesome project, I am sure that you will find something great in there!
  2. If you are in need of free sample packs, including some nasty funky drum breaks, you really can’t miss the Free Stuff-Section of Vinyl Frontier VIP. My personal tip: I would highly recommend you to download all versions of the “All The Breaks” section. If you produce hip-hop beats, this really is some must-have material in your sound library!
  3. If you know Michael Jackson, chances are pretty good that you have also heard of his first band “Jackson 5“. When they first began their career, the family of Michael simply focused on producing some funk and soul records, that were heard by millions of people. The best part about their career? They have also produced some songs that have some great sampling potential. Definitely worth digging through their discography!
  4. Did you already know, that you can filter by genre on Discogs? When you go to the funk section, you will get over one MILLION records to dig through. I think that should be enough material to get you busy digging for decades…
  5. Dubsbanger is a super-dope producer, who also runs a Blogspot site. On this channel, you will also get some great free sample packs including some very cool funky drum breaks. Definitely worth having an eye on!
  6. The name of All Soul and Funk says it all. On this amazing Blogspot site, you will get lots of great soul and funk samples to use for your hip-hop beats!
  7. Another great way to find some cool resources is to search for some Blogspot sites on a search engine of your choice. Just type in “funk samples Blogspot” and go through some of the pages. One thing that I have discovered is that Google is probably not the best search engine to do that, because it already has been commerzialized. Another great opportunity could be duck duck go.


Sampling funk music has a long tradition in the history of hip-hop production. From my personal experience, you can get a lot f great samples out of this genre, especially when it comes to digging some nasty drum breaks.

In this article, I gave you a shortlist of some cool record samples, sample packs, and resources, that are worth checking out when you want to expand your virtual sound library.

If you would like to get even more cool recommendations for other genres like soul, jazz, or library music, make sure to check out my other articles on my lofi hip hop samples page as well.

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