Some Great, Free VST Plugins For Hip Hop Basslines

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Whether you are producing New School Hip Hop with subby 808 Basslines, or some smooth LoFi beats with a smooth subbass. Low Frequencies play a huge role in any Hip Hop production. After making beats for several years and trying out lots of different plugins, I found 6 outstanding VST’s that I would recommend to any producer who is searching for some great bass sounds. 

Table of Contents:

TAL Bassline


TAL also know as Togu Audio Line is a small company that was founded in 2000. Over the years, they have released lots of awesome plugins. One of my favorites is TAL-Bassline. From my experience, this is lietrally the best free sub bass VST that you can get. It sounds very punchy and it’s a lot of fun to play with. If you download it, make sure to also check out the other great VST’s of this amazing company!

Availabe for: Windows, Mac OS X



The minimoog is an analog masterpiece, that has been widely used by lots of popular producers like JDilla or Madlib. If you are searching for a free emulation of this awesome synthesizer,  MinimougeVA is probably the best choice! Besides it’s pleasing sounds and presets,  it also comes with some additional options like a fully programmable delay, or an integrated chorus effect. This really is the best moog emulation I have tried so far! Definitely worth to give it a shot.

Availabe for: Windows



The Oberheim OB-X came out in June 1979 and was created by the famous company Oberheim to compete with the popular Prophet-5 Synthesizer. It is known for it’s massive sound and pleasing detuning functions that make it so unique. OBXD is a free emulation of this awesome synthesizer, that is also adding some great additional features to the limited design of the original OB-X. Combined with some FX like a chorus or compression, it has lots of potential for creating some interesting basssounds.

Availabe for: Windows, Mac OS X



Another great free synthesizer plugin made by Togu Audio Line. This is basically a nice, subtractive synthesizer plugin that is easy to use. It’s great for beginners, who would like to get familiar with the art of sound design. While being a great synthesizer on it’s own, it also has a small FX section, that will help you to enrich your sound in some interesting ways.

Availabe for: Windows, Mac OS X

Steinberg – Model E


 Another great emulation of the minimoog created by Steinberg. While this german company is mainly known for it’s famous DAW Cubase, it has also released some great VST plugins that are highly underrated. (at least in my opinion) The best part about model e is, that it has a very low CPU load, so you can profit from all of the options without having a high-performing computer. This plugin is great for beginners who want to get familiar with analog synthesizer emulations.

Availabe for: Windows, Mac OS X

Tyrell N6


Last but not least, I want to introduce you to a very special free synthesizer, that was developed by Urs Heckmann (mastermind of u-he) for While this synth sounds just amazing, it has a pretty high CPU load, so you will definitely need a good computer to use it. Besides this virtual monster sounds pretty close to some analog synthesizers, it has lots of great features that will remind you of the famous Juno series from Roland. 

Availabe for: Windows, Mac OS X


You don’t always have to spend lots of money to produce a decent sound, because some companys created free alternatives. Besides digging for external plugins, I would also recommend you to have a look at what your DAW of choice is offering as well. Stock plugins can produce an amazing sound! As I am a user of FlStudio, I love to create some basslines with Sytrus or 3xOSC and I am pretty sure, that some other DAWs like Ableton or Logic have included some great alternatives in their production environment. Hope that I could help you with this article!

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